File Format Description for SMapper

Supplementary Methods

Input format

SMapper uses a custom and easy-to-adapt tabular file format (CSV see Table S1 below for an example) to allow automatic processing and simple updating of the used database for map generation by simple addition of new row and column entries with little processing of the data.

Download Input Format table files

Please be aware that in CSV format, entries are typically separated by the comma (","). This is the expected format for SMapper.
When preparing a dataset using software like MS Excel or other spreadsheet applications, it is crucial to ensure that the comma symbol is used as the delimiter when exporting to CSV.
Using a semicolon symbol (";") or any other character, which might be the default in certain software packages, could result in problems when running SMapper.

Online SMapper Editor: Easy data table editing for SMapper software

Enhance your data management experience with our Online SMapper Editor. This intuitive tool allows you to seamlessly edit data within a table designed for SMapper software. Once the processing is complete, you have the flexibility to either download the edited data as a CSV file or transmit it directly to the SMapper Service for map generation.

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SMapper Editor

Last updated: December 28, 2023 | SMapper Version 5.0