Upload to SMapper Webservice

SMapper uses a custom tabular file in CSV format. See LINK for a format description and an example file.

Please be aware that in CSV format, entries are typically separated by the comma (","). This is the expected format for SMapper.
When preparing a dataset using software like MS Excel or other spreadsheet applications, it is crucial to ensure that the comma symbol is used as the delimiter when exporting to CSV.
Using a semicolon symbol (";") or any other character, which might be the default in certain software packages, could result in problems when running SMapper.

Please upload a File with extension: .csv

SMapper requires the regions to be visualized to follow the nomenclature of the underlying polygon database. Before a map is created, the datafile can be edited accordingly. The corrected file can then be downloaded for future use.

Please note that the map construction may take a few or even dozens of minutes. You will be provided with a link from where to download the graphics file once it is ready.

Last updated: December 28, 2023 | SMapper Version 5.0